Our Most Dangerous Intersections

Further to the discussion of newly-legal red light cameras, Brendan Fitzgerald wrote in last week’s C-Ville Weekly about the most dangerous intersections in town, complete with a snazzy Google map of hotspots. The really alarming number comes from Ivy Road (250 West once it ceases to be bypass) and Richmond Road (250 East post-bypass), in both cases within a quarter mile of the bypass — they’re up from 97 crashes in ’04 to 341 in ’06. (Two thirds of that came on the west end.) Unless traffic is up 350% in that period, that seems strange.

I really wish that Charlottesville and Albemarle Police would provide metadata from incident reports on their websites, as I’ve lamented before. C-Ville‘s Google map should be able to draw on regularly-updated incident data to dynamically assess what is the most dangerous intersection in the past week, month, or year, but the data’s just not there.

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