City, County Staff Present Budget Proposals

Charlottesville and Albemarle County have both assembled proposed budgets for review by their respective elected officials, and both are premised on unchanged tax rates. Charlottesville property assessments went up 14% and Albemarle assessments went 15%, so unchanged tax rates would mean commensurate increases in revenue. The proposed city budget contains a 13.64% spending increase ($136.5M total) and the proposed county budget proposes a 5.6% increase.

City Manager Gary O’Connell proposes using the increased revenue to fund more affordable housing, new emergency services capacity, improving city signage and bringing schools into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, among other things.

County Executive Robert Tucker proposes a 5.7% increase in school funding, a 25% increase for fire and rescue, and a 6.9% increase for police, plus increased revenue sharing funding, money for RSWA environmental compliance, and several other things.

The proposed Charlottesville budget and the proposed Albemarle budget are both available online. Now it’s up to the Board of Supervisors and City Council to decide if they want to follow through with the recommendations of their respective staffs.

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