New Site: Richmond Sunlight

Please excuse a quick self plug. I launched a new site yesterday, Richmond Sunlight, that makes it simple to keep up with the General Assembly. Their 2007 session started today, and they’ll carry on for the next 45 days. The site is blog-like and heavily collaborative: you can post your thoughts about a bill in the form of comments, vote on whether or not you think a bill should pass, pingback from a blog, tag bills with relevant keywords, etc. Take it for a spin. I hope you find it useful.

13 thoughts on “New Site: Richmond Sunlight”

  1. wow, awesome site. Did you create it yourself or is this based off something else? Regardless, very impressive. The content’s excellent as well, but it’s hard not to geek out about the site itself.

  2. I love the site and have forwarded it to many MH advocates (even those on the wrong side of things ), but today I found that one of my 2 comments had disappeared overnight and also two tags I was using had disappeared from the tag list on the home page. Is this a feature of the website or something I did?

  3. I routinely go through and prune tags, removing any tags that aren’t liable to help anybody because they’re inadequately descriptive (“laws,” “new”), tags that make a value judgement (“sucks,” “unconstitutional”), tags that are inaccurate, or tags that use words that simply aren’t helpful to people. I suspect that’s where your tags went. Having seen your remark on Richmond Sunlight about a missing comment, I combed through the log files, my admin comments RSS feed, and the database, and there’s just no record of any comment having existed that now does not. You made a few comments there in the past day or two, and all of those are still present.

  4. Oops. I plead kidney brain. I wrote a post on my blog about a bill and thought I had written it as a comment on Richmond Sunlight. My apologies and again, oops.

    I completely see your point about tags, what one person sees as an accurate description of a bill may strike another as a value judgement. I have put in some descriptive tags that are less controversial.

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