C-Ville on Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable GuyI got a good bit of e-mail when it was announced that “Larry the Cable Guy” would be performing at the John Paul Jones Arena. Some folks were upset that the stand-up comedian’s anti-intellectual, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, racist schtick was being given an audience by UVa. On the one hand, yeah, fair enough. But on the other hand, I think Charlottesville may devolve into liberal self-parody by getting all upset about the guy. (Speaking of liberal self-parody, everything I know about him comes from a feature article The New Yorker had about him a few months ago.)

Well, C-Ville Weekly apparently agrees that this ain’t right — J. Tobias Beard has a critical look at Larry the Cable Guy in the latest issue, and clearly doesn’t like what he sees.

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