Streaming Video of City Council Meetings

City Council now has streaming video of Council meetings, according to an extremely brief press release on the city’s website. I’m watching it now, as Council debates a resolution in opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment regulating marriage. The volume is really low, but the video is clear and sufficiently large. It’s great for those of us who don’t have cable but still want to watch meetings from the comfort of our homes. Here’s hoping they end up archiving the video so that it’ll be possible to link to past meetings, excerpt video or audio for reproducing elsewhere, etc.

2 thoughts on “Streaming Video of City Council Meetings”

  1. It will be nice when it is archiveable and searchable later this month. I wonder how many folks don’t have cable in the Charlottesville area who can use this as an alternative.

  2. Your link is now dead. I can’t find the PR on the city site nor does their search (or Google’s) pull-up anything. And, I don’t see anything on the home page.

    I’m cable-free so I’m looking forward to this service. Can anyone else find info on the city site?

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