Cav. Daily Reviews CTS

Further to the city transit discussion, The Cavalier Daily‘s Daniel Reinish took a spin on CTS to see how good it is. He caught a bus from grounds to Barracks Road, another one to Wal-Mart, and then one back to grounds. The first bus (which came on time) failed to stop for him, so he took a UTS bus to Barracks Road. The bus to Wal-Mart was on time departing and arriving. But it was the last bus there for the day (which he knew in advance), necessitating a $14 cab back to grounds. Reinish concludes that CTS is well worth it, though a little research first is necessary, and recommends improving signage and having buses actually stop at bus stops when people are waiting.

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  1. I think you got your first two hyperlinks backwards there, amigo: “the city transit discussion” link takes one to the Cav Daily piece and the Cav Daily link takes one to the Cville News piece from earlier this month.

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