Hazardous Waste Amnesty This Weekend

Do you have old paint, used oil, batteries or other items which aren’t permitted in normal refuse pick-up? Take note that the Ivy Materials Utilization Center will accept these items on Oct 14th from 9am to 2pm free of charge. The county offers details, including directions.

4 thoughts on “Hazardous Waste Amnesty This Weekend”

  1. Are there ever days like this for city residents? I’ve never needed to use such a day, but I noticed some old cans of paint in the basement the other day (former owner’s pile) and there’s no point holding on to them.

  2. The amnesty day this Saturday includes City residents, as it is being sponsered by RWSA, which includes the City. And you can take paint, motor oil, antifreeze and household batteries to the material utilization center any time during normal hours

    This Saturday, you can also take more toxic materials – the list is here:
    Over the next few weekends there will be amnesty for large items, such as mattresses, white goods, tires, etc., which I believe is for County residents only

  3. Thanks. I found it odd that the county website excluded city residents by explicitly saying this was only open to Albe. County residents. I appreciate the clarification!

  4. Excellent! I have found a small chest of old household cleaners that need to be dropped off.

    Reminder for those who aren’t aware: Most cleaners (Windex, Clorox, Lysol, etc.), bug sprays (Raid, Off, etc.), and the like qualify for this.

    If you are looking for a reason, this is a great time to toss the petrochemical stuff and scoot over to Whole Foods, IY, or Rebecca’s and replace them with the eco-friendly varieties. Contrary to pop wisdom, they cost nearly the same as their commercial brethren and they do a great job!

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