Turner Speaks Out About…Nothing

UVa Dean of African-American Affairs Rick Turner retired abruptly back in July the week after pleading guilty to lying to federal investigators in a drug probe, having been assigned a probation officer and agreeing to regular drug testing. Nobody knows the slightest thing about the case other than that. Turner is famed for his blunt outspokenness, so when interviewed on WINA by equally outspoken guest host (and recently-defeated City Councilor) Rob Schilling today, fireworks could well have been expected. Instead, The Hook has Schilling didn’t once ask Turner about his conviction or abrupt exit from UVa in the hour-long interview. A Hook reporter finally called to ask the obvious question, which Turner deflected and Schilling ignored.

The story behind Turner’s guilty plea and departure from UVa will have to remain a mystery until a reporter or a radio host with some cajones has the opportunity to get an answer.

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