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NBC 29 appears to have launched a new version of their website. If any improvements accompany this update, I can’t detect them. They should win some kind of an award for their HTML’s 255 validation errors, which is the the most staggeringly bad code that I have encountered in thirteen years of website development. The video is Windows Media, the URLs are lousy, the search engine doesn’t particularly work and, bafflingly, there’s still no RSS feed. Party like it’s 1999!

If I ran a local media outlet, I’d just license Ellington and be done with it.

6 thoughts on “New NBC 29 Website”

  1. To be fair, the 255 validation errors are probably just a result of that WeatherBug ad hijacking their website, just like the program will hijack your computer.

    Part of a Google Answers response about uninstalling WeatherBug:

    The makers of the Weatherbug program suggest these additional actions. To make sure you have killed every last vestige and lingering annoyance that might be associated with Weatherbug, you can down and run these free programs AFTER YOU UNINSTALL Weatherbug: AD-AWARE or PEST PATROL

    So remind me again why we should expect anything better out of a web site from a company that promotes this kind of software?

    Maybe they just go through web designers like they go through newscasters…

  2. Hwo about this for writing:

    “Charlottesville police are dealing with an assault Friday afternoon after they say three men took money from two different guys near the corner area of the University of Virginia. A University of Virginia student was injured. It all happened around 4 a.m. Friday.”

    Afternoon? Guys?

    Or flipping out over a bomb threat. Sure hope nobody opens a fire hydrant to play in the street,

    Yes, if only the smart people of wrote the news…

  3. All local media has gone to heck in a basket. Channel 29 is the Valley Network. Channel 19 is local fluff or gossip and now they’re branching off again! 5 friggin TV stations for this area…WHAA?

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