Jiranek Leaves Post as C-Ville Publisher

Rob Jiranek, one third of C-Ville Weekly‘s three-man team of publishers, has apparently left his post at parent company Portico Publication, having been named vice president of sales and strategic planning at Memphis’ Commercial Appeal. (I assume that it’s not possible to continue to serve as publisher while working in Memphis as VP of a paper there. But I know nothing about the newspaper publishing biz.) Jumping from the world of alt weeklies to dailies is a tough switch, and an unusual one for a guy who has never described himself as a fan of daily newspapers. Assuming that he’s sold his stake in the business, that would leave Bill Chapman and Steve Delgado as the owners. 10:15pm update: Just Bill Chapman. And, in fact, the publisher is Frank Dubec. All of this information is on their website, had I bothered to look, rather than relying on my lousy memory. It seems there’s no reason to assume that Rob Jiranek has sold his stake in Portico.

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