Camblos Shrugs off Criticism

NBC 29’s Paul Merrill interviewed Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos about the widespread criticism of Camblos’ handling of the smoke bomb case, and Camblos isn’t exactly contrite. The big news is that he intends to run for reelection next year, but there are some choice quotes from the piece, with my favorite being, on the recent acquittal in the case: “We were disappointed with the decision, but the system works.” If he was disappointed — meaning that he believes boy should be in prison right now — wouldn’t that mean that the system doesn’t work?

What’s amazing is Camblos chalking up the concerns of y’all on as nothing more than whines. If a single person has defended Camblos in this entire kerfuffle, since all information came to light a couple of months ago, I’m yet to hear of them. The fact is that he’s screwed this case up royally, and is in the process of screwing up the case against the other three kids.

I’ve got to put together a Camblos’ Greatest Hits blog entry. It’s quite a remarkable list. If Camblos “gets grief after every trial,” as he says, perhaps it’s time he figured out that might have something to do with him doing a lousy job.

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