Rob Seal Interviews Prank Caller

The first annual award for awesomeness in journalism: Rob Seal turning a prank phone call into an interview. A 17-year-old from Waynesboro, Jake, was prank-calling people at 1 AM when they got Rob’s phone. Rob doesn’t just turn it into an interview, but makes that the hook for an interesting Progress article about the state of prank-calling telephony and anti-prank-calling telephony. Well played.

3 thoughts on “Rob Seal Interviews Prank Caller”

  1. ahh the memories… my group’s favorite phone prank was to call dominos pizza on one line, then call a different location on a second line, and then connect the two. “hello this is dominos” “yes, this is dominos” “no, this is dominos” etc.

    it was pretty great entertainment in the era before the internet. vintage ’87

  2. I used to call people claiming to be with the phone company and ask them if their phone was working. I got into major trouble when one of my victims *69’ed my phone and talked with my Mom.

    The irony of my username has just hit me.

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