Virginia sales tax holiday this weekend

This weekend, August 4th through the 6th, the Commonwealth of Virginia has authorized retailers to sell certain school items tax free. There are price limits for items and not all retailers are guaranteed to participate.

5 thoughts on “Virginia sales tax holiday this weekend”

  1. This is a laudable action (not ” to the skies” level but laudable).

    Keep in mind, (lest we credit this action as motivated by Legislature compassion for families facing the usual “back to school” expenses ) the pressure to declare a “tax holiday” was brought by businesses losing money to stores across the border, not the Commonwealth sensitivity to family expenses.

  2. Gotta wonder why “garters and garter belts” are included in the state-approved list of items!

  3. This is a laudable action (not ” to the skies” level but laudable).

    Call me insensitive, but this is really just another give-a-way for breeders. And anyway one weekend is hardly enough time to do any reasonable good. If you’re going to do something like this – do it right and have it last all month. What I’d really like to see would be an end to sales tax for food items purchased at the grocery store.

    Further, does this mean that those stores “not participating” in the tax holiday this weekend- does this mean that they get to pocket that extra tax they charge for a larger profit?

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