Albemarle BoS Podcast

On the heels of the Albemarle School Board’s announcement they’ll be providing MP3s of each meeting, the Albemarle Board of Supervisors now has a podcast of their meetings. (The difference between a series of MP3s and a podcast being that it’s possible to subscribe to a podcast, whereas MP3s have to be sought out and downloaded individually.) The only problem is the size of the files — the July 5 meeting is an enormous 94MB. It’s properly compressed and is fine in all technical senses; the problem is that the meeting is a staggering seven hours long. Bravo to Albemarle County for putting together this great resource. (Via Charlottesville Tomorrow)

As long as I’m writing about podcasts, Albemarle High School principal Matt Haas has his own podcast, though it’s been expanded to include audio from other events of interest to AHS students and parents.

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