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I’ve noticed that nothing brings participants out of the woodwork here like a post about the Charlottesville school system. A whole new crowd got involved during the Scottie Griffin fiasco, parents who normally wouldn’t participate in blogs, and many of them continue to read. I think somebody — ideally a parent of one or more children in the C’ville public schools — could provide a great service by creating a blog about the ups and downs Charlottesville school system. I’d be happy to help somebody set up such a blog; contact me if you’re interested.

Also, Jennifer is hosting this week’s C’ville Blog Carnival, so if you’re a blogger that wants to brag about a recent blog entry or a blog-reader that wants something you’ve seen to be read more widely, e-mail her. And if you’re a local blogger and you want to have many hundreds of people descend on your site, please volunteer to host the carnival in an upcoming week.

3 thoughts on “Indy School Blog, Carnival”

  1. yep, I’m one of those parents who started reading cvillenews last year for news and comments on the school system. i still check the blog, looking specifically for school stuff. i’m not the one to set up the indy school blog but would be an avid reader if it gets going.

  2. I hope somebody does. I enjoy writing about and following C’ville school matters, but my time in public school was at WAHS; I didn’t even go to UVa. I think there are a few dozen folks who could follow the topic better than me with one hand tied behind their back. :)

  3. I’m one of those folks who became active here when the Griffin Fiasco was going on – my indirect involvement in the CCS was also coming to an end at the same time, after over a decade. So, while I thought I had something to contribute to the Griffin and pre-Griffin discussion, I don’t think I could make an honest on-going contribution. I also don’t believe an ‘insider’ in the system would really be in a position to do such a thing for any length of time. Perhaps someone enterprising who actually regularly attends the board meetings and watches the scores, reduced lunch numbers, and other metrics regularly could be a ‘reporter’ of sorts. I just don’t know if there would be fodder for an entire blog – recall that even during a period of intense interest/activity like the Griffin fiasco, the stories/postings here on Cvillenews were sporadic.

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