City/JMRL Provide Park WiFi

The central branch of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library has, in collaboration with the City of Charlottesville, expanded their wireless internet access presence beyond the walls of the library. Thanks to a new antenna pointing north, free WiFi is now available in Lee Park, Christina Tkacik reports in today’s Progress. Many laptops will be able to use the node for access as far away as Central Place and McGuffey. City Councilor Kevin Lynch worked with a friend and former co-worker who is in the WiFi hotspot business to obtain an access point at a significant discount.

Kevin — who gives props to the library for making this possible — asks where y’all would like to see this service expanded. Would a city-wide WiFi network be something that would interest you? If just some portions of the city, where?

And user fdr, not having had great luck with the signal this morning, asks if people can report on the speed and signal strength that they’ve received in the area of the library.

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