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For the first time ever, C-Ville Weekly has redone their website. Their site was an eyeball-taxing white-on-black with URLs that changed, making it tough to link to articles. Now they have a pretty website with permalinks (albeit using URLs of Death) and what looks like more content from each week’s issue. They even plan to maintain their existing archives, rather than starting over now. Mysteriously, there’s no RSS feed, but with the site powered by a content management system, additions like that should be easy. Many improvements, no steps backwards—what’s not to like?

13 thoughts on “New C-Ville Weekly Website”

  1. This made me SO happy yesterday. I wanted to post about it on my own blog, out of sheer excitement, but no one who reads that would care.

  2. grrrrr

    still no online Rants section or new resturants

    they are forcing me to pick up a copy

  3. At this rate maybe one day they will be as good as The Hook!

    Keep reachin’ for the stars, C-ville Weekly!

  4. To get to the calendar, click “Music” then use the month calendar on the right to pick a date. That will take you to the list of events for Dance, Kids, Stage, etc. No other way to get there.

  5. Why the Hook is still better than Cville Weekly – Movie listings with showtimes!

    The hook has them Cville Weekly doesn’t. And not everyone wants to use their cell phone minutes to call movie phone or fandango.

    A couple of months back I got caught out without my cell, and decided I wanted to check out a movie. It was the middle of the week, so after I wasted 50 cents on the daily progress only to discover they didn’t have the listings.

    So then I went to pick up a copy of the free paper- Cville weekly (the first place I thought to pick one up only carried Cville weekly). With that I got the section with the 1 paragraph reviews of the film (useless to me, when I want to see a movie I already know what I want to see).

    Anyway so I find an ad for fandango ticket service (I think it was in the progress and not Cville weekly) and I go to the pay phone to call it and find out whats playing (remember I forgot and left my cell at home- but I wouldn’t have wanted to use it for this anyway).

    Now the payphone I’m at is one of those “sprint” payphone rip off machines, and it won’t let me call a 1 800 number from it (not to mention the buck I wasted on the sprint pay phone trying to call one of the theaters direct- after I got the first recording the phone wouldn’t let me make the push button selections to get the info).

    So now I have to drive to another location where I’m sure they have the Hook to pick up a copy of that. Only it’s Thursday, so the only the new issue of the Hook (which does have the listings – friday’s listings – thank you) is available. However from that I was able to get a different number call the theater directly (wasting another 50 cents on a different rip off sprint payphone), talked to a real person and find out what was playing that day, and got the info.

    After all the money, wasted on the sprint pay phone, and gas driving from location A to Location B. I was wishing I hadn’t forgotten the cell at home.

    Anyway after all that, I decided it must be a sign from providence/fate/some higher power, that I really shouldn’t go to the theater that day. So I went to the bookstore, purchased a paperback, then went home and spent the afternoon reading.

    And that’s why I prefer the Hook (yes with it’s flaws) over Cville Weekly.

  6. True. I also recommend not going to theaters. I find that very effective.

    Normally I don’t go to the theaters. I think I saw 3 maybe 4 films in a theater during all of 2005. Normally I wait until it’s on dvd, and then spend the money to rent it or purchase. That was just this rare occaision where I had a day off in the middle of the week with nothing to do, and thought.. gee wouldn’t it be nice to go see a film in the middle of the day when I wouldn’t have to think about crowds.

    Boy was I wrong. Still I got a good story outta it.

    Anyway thanks for the website link ( too bad it’s not practical to use when you’re out and about around town and don’t have computer access.


  7. Anyway thanks for the website link ( too bad it’s not practical to use when you’re out and about around town and don’t have computer access.

    There’s always your local libraries – free Internet access at all of them (with your library card, which they will gladly look up if you’ve forgotten that.)

  8. too bad it’s not practical to use when you’re out and about around town and don’t have computer access.

    Fortunately, is 3g enabled, so you can browse it from your cellphone.

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