Blogging Round Up

Here are some of my favorite Charlottesville blog entries from the past week.

Dan Kachur discovered that we’re not as jaded about celebrities as we like to think that we are, demonstrated by Steve Carell and Molly Shannon.

Chuck Beretz reviews “The World’s Wife,” currently playing at Live Arts. He rules it good, but not great, but still recommends going.

Trish visited Orange and took lots of pictures. It’s a nice town, and often worth a Saturday visit. (I live as close to Orange as I do to downtown Charlottesville.)

C.R. is signing off—he’s graduating and moving home to Northern Virginia. It was a good run. I’ll keep reading, even if he’s not a Charlottesville blogger.

Anoop Ranganath continues his food reviews. Christian’s delicious. Café Europa great. Arch’s hit the spot. Take It Away OK. Amigo’s still uninteresting. La Taza average. Oakencroft wine worth buying, Hilltop Berry a lot of fun. Wine, Anoop? Sounds like you’re taking things up a notch. You should get together with Wineona.

David is pissed off about MLB steroid use, writing that they’ve deliberately turned a blind eye towards the problem. He prescribes five steps that must be taken to clean up baseball, some of which are both startling and smart.

Sean Tubbs podcasts an interview with The Thomas Jefferson Center’s Robert O’Neill about this year’s Muzzle Awards. Bob is absurdly intelligent. Listening to him speak for more than two minutes makes me feel like a drooling moron.

Marijean has an open letter to the woman at Harris Teeter. I got a good laugh out of it.

Rick Sincere reports on his birthday weekend in London, complete with birthday pictures and promises of show reviews, natch.

Jeannine doesn’t understand why Walker Square lets a homeless woman live in the utility closet next to her apartment. Having followed her blog, I think this may just be par for the course for Walker Square. That place is sketchy.

Zoe Krylova blogs about the Burning Spear concert at Starr Hill, finding its aromatheraputic aspects beneficial.

Darlene and Chris make a typical American meal. Typical chickpea gravy and typical pan-fried tofu. You know, regular stuff.

Finally, Laura took part in the UVa living wage protest, leading the protesters in “We Shall Not Be Moved” and “We Shall Overcome.” Complete with photos.

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