Gray, WVIR Divide WB/UPN Spoils

The recent merger of second-rate networks WB and UPN, forming The CW Television Network, put Gray Television and WVIR head-to-head in fighting for the rights to an affiliation in this market. The word on the street is that the results are in, and WVIR has clearly come out on top.

WVIR (with one channel now, NBC 29) has won out, no doubt because of their market superiority to Gray’s offerings (CBS 19, ABC 16, Fox 27), and will broadcast The CW on one of their digital subchannels. (Useful only to the six of you with digital TVs.)

News Corp, no dopes they, realized that many markets featured both WB and UPN and have created My Network TV, a new network for those stations that don’t make the cut for The CW. Gray is settling for that.

The planned launch date for both new networks is September 5.

4 thoughts on “Gray, WVIR Divide WB/UPN Spoils”

  1. as long as it will broadcast in HDTV, I don’t really care. What a sec, WVIR is a little more with the time. GO WVIR!!

  2. Agreed, Veronica Mars and Everybody Hates Chris in HD would be great. Right now I don’t get UPN or WB at all!

  3. I’m not one of the six with Digitial TV, and it was a pain in the backside when WVIR decided to broadcast UVA basketball games on those digital channels instead of mainstays such as Scrubs and Will & Grace!

  4. I wish people would quit dismissing the need and benefit of the digital signals. Once you starting getting HD, it’s aggravating to have to settle for standard definition. I’m still waiting for Gray to get their act together and start broadcasting digital signals, like they said they were going to last fall.

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