Staunton Clock Tower History

I’m a fan of downtown Staunton, particularly its signature clock tower — it gives their downtown a certain iconic flair that downtown Charlottesville lacks. In this week’s Hook, Dave McNair has a nice piece describing the history of the Clock Tower Building on Beverley Street, built in 1890. The clock itself still operates with most of its original parts from when it was built over 120 years ago, and requires just a cleaning and a greasing once a year.

4 thoughts on “Staunton Clock Tower History”

  1. It really is nice. On at least a couple of occasions my wife and I have driven there just to visit. There a great brunch spot (“The River Mill” or something like that), that silver diner just outside of town is tasty, and there all kinds of great new attractions in town, the theater just one example.

    I regard Waynesboro as Shelbyville. Staunton, though, has no Simpson’s analogue—it’s just a cool town that’s a little bit farther away.

  2. I lived in Staunton for about ten years (and grew up in Waynesboro), back in the 80’s. And used to have a studio right across the street from the clock tower. It’s a sweet and beautiful little town, and has lots of charm. But it’s also… umm… little. I mean, I’m a small town kind of guy, but it’s not an easy place to live, unless you’re willing to accept a pretty stangnant way of life.

    But yeah, it’s a great place to visit though.

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