Blogging Round Up

Here are some of my favorite Charlottesville blog entries from the past week.

Laura found some great classifieds in a 1997 issue of Christianity Today. Anne Metz is “officially in love with Coran Capshaw”. Ryan is in love with Jack Abramoff’s tricked-out BMW. Joe thinks everyone should have a personal FedEx account. Some guy drove clear from D.C. to go to Spudnuts, only to get there fifteen minutes late. Cory has advice for people with ADD. Zoe visited Richmond for the day and really enjoyed herself. Eric just retired from diving, and is trying to figure out what to do with his life now. David Murray says Morrissey saved his life. “The Doctor” thinks cyclists should be ticketed if they don’t follow the rules of the road. Lexi went to Miller’s and the service was so bad that she left and went to Marco & Luca’s. Dellis feels real good about the Redskins for the coming season, and is prepared to defend that position in great detail. Anoop’s Sprint DSL service sucks, but he wrote a few lines in Ruby to fix the problem. Jim Duncan feels good about the competition from the three other Charlottesville real estate blogs. Bob Gibson promotes the first meeting of “Left of Center,” a new group for young Democrats and the Dem-curious (I was there, it was fun). Rick Sincere is a mugwump. Elizabeth has returned from her week in Spain, and it was super fantastisch. Virginia Quarterly Review (my employer) is hyperventilating over their six nominations for the 2006 National Magazine Awards. Both The Hook and Outskirts offered near-real-time coverage of the semi-nude PETA protester on the Downtown Mall. Duane Gran spoke to IT Academy students about careers in tech. And Patience finds that the reason her neighborhood swarmed with cops this morning was because cows escaped from the Belmont stockyards.

I want to call particular attention to a series that photographer Bill Emory has been doing on his blog about the Woolen Mills sewage treatment plant. Bill called for the sewage composting facility to be enclosed, what with the terrible smell, posted the comments of resident Victoria Dunham at the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association meeting with the RWSA, and mapped the change of the area from rural to industrial, complete with audio of one woman’s childhood recollections of the Woolen Mills area. I love seeing people blog about Charlottesville, particularly Charlottesville history.

I think I’m going to keep doing this round-up every week. If you’ve read or written a particularly great blog entry, please feel free to e-mail me about it sometime Wednesday or Thursday, and I’ll include it in the weekly blog carnival (as they’re known).

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