Chronicle on PVCC’s Friedman’s Editorial

Sean McCord writes: “PVCC President Frank Friedman penned an editorial last week in the Daily Progress endorsing a Senate’s proposal (over a House plan) to divert money from the general fund into transportation. State Del. Vincent Callahan, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, thought this looked suspiciously like a smilar editorial written by Glenn DuBois, Chancellor of the Virginia community-college system, so he called DuBois to a closed-door meeting with House budget negotiators. According to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, ‘shortly afterward, Mr. Callahan, a Republican from Fairfax, filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding Mr. DuBois’s records of telephone and e-mail communications with Virginia’s 23 community-college presidents.’

“Charlottesvillian and freshman Delegate David Toscano is quoted in the article expressing concerns about ‘bringing in a college president to suggest that he should not be saying what he thinks about the budget or anything else.’ Indeed!”

Those of us lacking subscriptions to The Chronicle of Higher Education can get the skinny from Bob Gibson. Unfortunately, Friedman’s editorial is not available on-line.

11:00pm Update: Friedman’s editorial is now available.

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