Parties Nominate Council Candidates

For the first time in years, there’s nothing new in the City Council race, despite the pair of nomination conventions this weekend. On Saturday, Democrats nominated the only two candidates for both seats that are up (Rob Schilling’s and Blake Caravati’s), John Yellig wrote in yesterday’s Progress, and on Sunday, Republicans nominated incumbent Schilling, their only candidate, Liesel Nowak writes in today’s Progress. Conventional wisdom holds that Schilling’s best shot at reelection is to run alone, so as to be many people’s second choice, rather than having that diluted with another Republican.

Charlottesville Tomorrow provides the audio for the entirety of the Democratic convention and the Republican convention, while Rick Sincere provides a report from the Republican convention. And, as long as I’m providing audio, the musical stylings of Rob Schilling are available on his CD Baby page.

From here the general election begins, leading up to the May 2 election.

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