Blogging Round-Up

Here are some of my favorite Charlottesville blog entries from the past week.

The Cool Honey has ruled Mayor David Brown “UNBELIEVABLY dope”. The Food Geek reports on the huge crop yield increases that come of organic farming. Bill Emory talked all night into the guts of the machine. Jim Duncan is torn on what to do about growth. Joe has ten quotes that make his life better when he applies them. David Murray promotes the kitten apocalypse. Jennifer went to the Paramount for the first time, saw Yo Yo Ma, and loved every minute of it. Brian Wheeler is blown away by developers’ proffers in Northern Virginia. Michael reminds himself that only the penitent man shall pass. Rick Sincere points out that nobody minded funerals being protested until the targets turned from homosexuals to veterans. Lincoln Michael came in second in The Hook’s fiction contest. And, finally, C.R. is celebrating his first anniversary of blogging.

What did I miss?

4 thoughts on “Blogging Round-Up”

  1. This is great! I was getting overwhelmed by the 150+ blog posts per day on Thanks for weeding (promise…no pun on your SUV vs the lawn post) through them for us :)

  2. I’m gonna try and do this every so often (note the deft avoidance of committal to a particular schedule) and then, once people are hooked, cleverly farm the task out to other Charlottesville bloggers to do on their own blogs in serial. In this manner a) people other than I can decide what qualifies as a good blog entry, b) readers will have to go to other blogs to see the round-up and c) Charlottesville bloggers will interact more.

    And then I’ll be rich, rich, thanks to these underpants gnomes.

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