Superintendent Named Next Week

The Charlottesville school board is shooting to announce the new superintendent come next week, Bob Gibson reports in today’s Progress. Gibson has also managed to ID the second candidate as Donald Carlisle, the superintendent of Long Island’s Miller Place school district.

Some quick googling reveals that Carlisle dropped out of the running for the Burlington, VT superintendent two weeks ago, saying that it was only because “he and his family had decided this was not the right time to be moving to a new state and a new job.” Perhaps it’s a better time now? Also, 600 parents recently successfully petitioned the state comptroller to audit Miller Place’s business practices, which revealed that it’s “overall generally well managed.”

What can you find?

One thought on “Superintendent Named Next Week”

  1. When a super candidate suddenly decides it’s bad time to move and pulls out, it means he found out he wasn’t the top choice. (EG the sudden withdrawl of William of Orange) Does it bother anyone that our school board would make a finalist of someone who has been in previous job for 6 only six months? (Pretty rude to our neighbors in Orange, no?) And if you are looking to hire someone who’s been on the job just six months, doesn’t it send a message to the next super that it is okay to leave after six months? Companies don’t hire this way–why should schools?

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