Cav. Daily Columnist Caught Plagiarizing

A correction in yesterday’s Cavalier Daily indicates that a student got caught plagiarizing from another publication. No details are provided — presumably a note from the editor will be appearing before long — other than that a December 2 column “‘Browser Wars: A New Hope’ used a significant amount of ideas and conclusions without attribution from a Dec. 15 PCWorld column.” (The date different results from PC World columns being available on the website prior to publication in the magazine.) The column is not on the Cavalier Daily’s website. This is, of course, a clear violation of the honor code.

This last happened in late 2003, when two separate writers were discovered to have plagiarized from several different high-profile publications. If those two girls were ever brought before the honor committee, I can’t find any record of it. It will be interesting to find out what happens in this instance.

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