Local Boy Makes Bad

From the AP:

A Virginia college student was ordered held without bail Friday on federal charges he was part of a group of radical environmentalists who toppled a high-tension electric line and firebombed a lumber mill office and a tree farm.

Dressed in jail fatigues and shackled around the ankles, Stanislas “Jack” Meyerhoff, a student at Piedmont Community College in Charlottesville, Va., responded in a quiet voice, “Yes, your honor,” when asked if he understood the 17 counts of arson, conspiracy and destruction of property that could send him to prison for life. About 5-foot-6 and 140 pounds, Meyerhoff was clean-shaven with short brown hair.

Meyerhoff, 28, was one of six people arrested Wednesday in five states on federal charges they took part in a series of attacks in Oregon and Washington state dating back from 1998 to 2001.

Given that he was named an honor role student at Central Oregon Community College just last June, we (happily) can’t claim him as a local.

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