ILS Fails at CHO

WINA reports that the instrument landing system at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport is broken, so landing isn’t happening. Presumably, visual approaches can happen, but with the nasty, foggy weather we’re having, that probably means no landings. The FAA-owned system is under repair. There’s no ETA on the fix but, until then, the airport is closed for landings.

11/30 Update: Bryan McKenzie has the story in today’s Daily Progress.

One thought on “ILS Fails at CHO”

  1. According to people I’ve talked with who talked with people who talked with airport insiders (talk about hearsay!), the reason all flights have not been cancelled is because, as Waldo posted, “visual approaches can happen.” The person I talked with said it’s likely up to the airlines (and hopefully the pilots) on whether to land/take off. As of 5:30, the website shows that the Delta departures and Northwest and a US Airways arrival for this evening are a go, while all other flights have been delayed. And in all likelihood, it’s probably something as simple as a broken $2 part in that critical instrument that has caused all of this!

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