Election Results

Democratic Lt. Governor Tim Kaine won big, defeating Republican Jerry Kilgore. Republican Bill Bolling squeaked out a victory against Democrat Leslie Byrne for Lt. Governor. And, as of this writing, the attorney general’s race is up in the air, too close to call, but it’s trending towards a very narrow victory for Republican Bob McDonnell over Charlottesville Senator Creigh Deeds.

Local House of Delegates races put Democrat David Toscano over Republican Tom McCrystal by a landslide and Republican Del. Rob Bell kept his seat with 56% against challenger Steve Koleszar.

On the Board of Supervisors, Dennis Rooker easily fended off Republican Christian Schoenwald, besting him by a 3:1 margin. David Slutzky pulled off a shockingly strong victory over Republican Gary Grant and independent Tom “Dr. J.” Jakubowski (seriously, that’s how he’s listed on the ballot) in the Rio District with 58% of the vote in what can only be described as a rallying endorsement of growth restrictions in the county.

Finally, the elected school board referendum passed in Charlottesville easily, by nearly a 3:1 margin.

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