BoS Races Roundup

As November 8 draws closer, there’s more and more action in Albemarle’s Board of Supervisors races, as well as those in the surrounding counties.

In an overview of the races, Kate Andrews and Megan Rowe write in today’s Progress that every race in Central Virginia is about how to handle growth. In Greene, Orange, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson and, of course, Albemarle, candidates are debating how to best handle the influx of new residents and all of the issues that are brought about by or exacerbated by this. While it’s been an issue in past races, this is the first time it’s been a major issue. It’ll likely be the defining issue of area elections for years to come.

And the Daily Progress’ Jessica Kitchin looks at the three Rio candidates in Albemarle. Rio is the only district that’s really competitive, since the seat has been vacated by David Bowerman, leaving Republican Gary Grant, Democrat David Slutzky, and independent Thomas Jakubowski all vying for election. (Jakubowski is, to my surprise, the only blogging BoS candidate. The blog hasn’t been updated in months, but it’s a nice effort.) Kitchin explains each candidate’s position on growth and transportation needs, which they presented at last night’s forum at Woodbrook Elementary. Impressively, the Progress provides a link to the podcast of the event provided by the Charlottesville Podcasting Network.

Finally, the newly-created Charlottesville Tomorrow is providing a summary of candidate information, including, helpfully, transcripts of some of the debates. Don’t miss the biography provided by BoS candidate Christian Schoenwald, a candidate who says he’s too busy to provide information about himself to mere websites. He must be planning on winning by a landslide to shun such coverage.

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