BoS Approves Belvedere

The Board of Supervisors has approved “Belvedere,” a 207-acre, 775-unit development because, frankly, there’s really just not enough traffic on Rio as it is. It’s on the 29 side of Rio, midway between CATEC and Fashion Square Mall (Google Map), adjacent to Dunlora. Stonehaus Development has been trying to get the rezoning approved since 2003, but was repeatedly turned down for their lack of affordable housing and failure to comply with VDOT road standards, along with eight other problems. Those concerns have apparently been addressed to the satisfaction of the BoS. The site plan (PDF) shows a basic suburban development — cul-de-sacs, no meaningful mixed use, all streets curved to mask the fact that all the houses look the same. More information is on Stonehaus’ website.

I look forward to seeing how the BoS and Stonehaus define “affordable.” If I were a betting man, I’d wager that I’m not likely to be able to afford one.

Jessica Kitchin has the story in today’s Daily Progress.

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