No More Window Stickers?

City Council is considering eliminating the property tax window stickers that we all have on our windshields, John Yellig writes in the Progress. Cities across the state are following the lead of Virginia Beach, who ditched the stickers to let the DMV enforce payment at the time of vehicle registration. The city stands to save $42k/year by making the switch, plus untold staff hours that go into dealing with the damnedable little things. A vote will come at Council’s next meeting, in two weeks.

5 thoughts on “No More Window Stickers?”

  1. Well it’s about damn time. I’ve had about enough of all the flowers & the frou-frou. Those things are a pain to get off, too.

  2. If Charlottesville gets rid of the stickers, that’ll put lots of pressure on Albemarle to follow suit. Otherwise, they’ll go nuts trying to decide what vehicles to ticket, not knowing whether owners live in Cville and don’t need stickers or live in Albemarle and are just avoiding paying for them.

  3. I think it’s a good idea overall to let the DMV collect the property tax on vehicles. In California the property tax on Auto’s are folded into the registration fees, and paid when you renew. Since it’s a tax that ultimately ends up at the state level (at least in California it was), it only makes sense to eliminate some of the bureaucracy, and let the state collect the taxes directly.

    It would’ve been easier if the State of Virginia had taken the initiative to do this statewide, as opposed to having the localities decide piecemeal whether or not they would take on the responsibility. But then again this is the government we’re talking about… so in that respect I’m not really surprised.

  4. The state of Virginia has taken the initiative on this issue. Former governor Jim Gilmer was elected on a pledge to eliminate the car tax state-wide. If there’s no tax, there’s no need for a decal to show you paid the car tax. The decal enforcement process has always been the main complaint. Currently, the state pays about 70% of your car tax. So the state will collect the other 30% for the locality. Now what’s to keep the city/county from requiring a decal just so they can keep us more safe and quickly identify local cars?

    “Charlottesville tickets Va. Beach cars: A hundred reasons to do nothing” Sep 8 2004:

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