Ivy Landfill Leaking

Remember those mid-90s bumper stickers: “Kill the fill or drink the swill”? It turns out we got both. The Ivy Landfill was closed down in 1995, but today John Yellig writes in the Progress that the Rivanna Solid Waste Foundation has discovered that the landfill’s drainage system is failing. As much as 47M gallons of liquid has pooled in the landfill, rather than draining out to be treated. If enough pools in one place, it could tear through the landfill’s lining, pouring out the swill in question.

It will cost millions to clean up. It’s just not clear how to go about it, or who is going to foot the bill.

2 thoughts on “Ivy Landfill Leaking”

  1. Another example of local waste management inherent inefficiencies. Like so many things, the actual costs to do everything at the local level in every puny county don’t show up until it shows up.

    Ah, I know, hike the trash sticker rates! That’ll handle it all!

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