Experimenting with Blogads

I never put ad banners or popups or any of that nonsense on this site, firstly because the site costs virtually nothing to run and secondly because they’d be useless to people. Since I created the text ads system recently, I’ve seen that advertising can be a useful service, both to those placing the ads and those reading them. I’ve had several folks tell me that they’d find it helpful to be able to advertise more fully on cvillenews.com. Also, as the site has become more popular over the years, hosting the site on my home server over a DSL has become less reliable, and made the site pretty slow — I’d like to start paying to have it hosted properly. To that end, I’ve gotten set up with the Blogads service.

Blogads is a self-service advertising system, allowing businesses to create a text-and-graphic advertisement through a web-based interface. Once I approve the ad, it runs for a week as the only ad being shown. I’ve started at the base rate of $10/week, which is pretty cheap. I figure it amounts to something like $0.015 per unique individual who will see the ad, which isn’t bad.

Anyhow, take it for a spin, if you want to advertise. If it’s a useful service, I’ll keep it. If it’s not, I’ll drop it.

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