White Powder at County Court

That most deadly of all weapons — some white powdery stuff — was found in an envelope received at the Albemarle General District Court this morning. Government panic ensued, complete with hazmat units, a decontamination tent, quarantine, and closure of the courthouse until tomorrow afternoon. The media have been assured that no symptoms have been displayed by those affected, though when asked symptoms of what, no answer was forthcoming. There’s no word yet on whether it’s flour or laundry detergent, or something really exotic, like baking soda. WINA has the story.

7:45pm Update: Kate Andrews has filed a story for the Progress:

The powder tested negative for anthrax and is a “food-based particle,” officials said. They declined to elaborate further.


Members of the Charlottesville-Albemarle hazardous material team entered the courthouse wearing white suits, bright green gloves and orange boots as six quarantined clerks were decontaminated in a shower tent set up in front of the building.


Court will be open Thursday.

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