State of the C’ville Water Supply

From the Charlottesville Podcasting Network:

Does Central Virginia have enough water to quench the thirst of everyone who wants to live here? The community pulled together during the drought of 2002 to help conserve water, but will there be enough the next time weather patterns shift to deny rainfall? On the Sunday, August 14th edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wakeup Call, a panel of experts debate plans to increase storage capacity, and the prospects of more pipelines bringing more water in from surrounding communities. Guests include Morgan Butler from the Southern Environmental Law Center, Liz Palmer from the League of Women Voters and John Martin with the Friends of the Moormans River. The governmental perspective comes from Charlottesville Mayor David Brown.

Available as a streaming MP3 or as a downloadable MP3.

By the way, David Hendrick had a nice article in the Daily Progress a few weeks ago about Sean Tubbs’ Charlottesville Podcasting Network that well worth the read for anybody wondering what the heck this thing is.

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