Panera’s Weird WiFi Filtering

David Sewell writes: “There has been a lot of grumbling about the fact that Panera uses the SonicWALL Internet content filtering service to block access to sites that patrons might deem objectionable. Problem is, it doesn’t just block graphic porn sites: it blocks, for example, sites that SonicWALL categorizes as “Cult/Occult”. These include innocuous sites like the parodic Church of the Subgenius, and freethought sites like the Brights Network and the Universist Movement. On the other hand, James Dobson’s Focus on the Family website is for some unknown reason currently put into “Category 46 – Vehicles”!

If you want to play with checking different sites’ SonicWALL rating: (form on right-hand side)”

I see that my personal site is a “Usenet News Group,” and that is, sadly, “Gambling.” In fact, every single site that I checked is wrongly listed. Good for Panera for offering free WiFi. But I could do without the censorware.

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