Progress: “Who’s Your Favorite Cosmetic Surgeon?”

For many years, C-Ville Weekly has run their Best of Charlottesville competition, where they ask people to name their favorite rock band, author, tattoo parlor, downtown store, radio DJ, restaurant, place to live, noisemaker, “wannabe,” etc. It’s a lighthearted survey that asks people to rate businesses, experiences, individuals, products, and events. (And I believe that they’re taking entries now for this year’s version.)

Now the Daily Progress has gotten into the game — their 2005 Readers’ Choice awards, in which they ask readers to name their favorite advertiser business in a variety of categories. If you’ve sampled all of the motorcycle dealers, they want to know which you prefer. Ditto for funeral homes, churches, piano/organ stores, mailing facilities (?), paving companies, patio furniture dealers, hot tub dealers, storage companies, mortgage companies, weight loss centers and — my favorite — cosmetic surgeons.

I’ll stick with The Best of Charlottesville, thank you. I figure there are a lot of great things in C’ville that are noteworthy that are not, in fact, businesses. Besides, I’ve only bought, like, three hot tubs for my house, so who am I to judge?

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