Thirteen (!) School Board Applicants

A pool over a dozen masochists have joined Peggy Van Yahres (seeking reappointment) in applying for one of the three positions on the school board that open July 1. Bill Igbani and Byron Brown have said that they will not seek reappointment. New applicants are Louis M. Bogard, Jean S. Chase, Alvin Edwards, John J. Gaines III, Blair Hawkins, Kenneth Jackson, Sue Lewis, Brynda Loving-Kotter, Joseph Mooney, Chad Everette Thorne, David Randle and Karen Waters.

The most notable of the bunch, in light of recent controversy, would have to be Alvin Edwards, as he was an outspoken advocate of Scottie Griffin and, consequently, opponent of the school board.

James Fernald has the story in today’s Progress, which includes brief bios of each applicant.

4 thoughts on “Thirteen (!) School Board Applicants”

  1. I’ll give Mr. Edwards credit, unlike Dean Turner or any of Ms. Griffin’s other advocates, Mr. Edwards at least is (to borrow an old cliche) willing to put his money where is mouth is. And with his past participation in Charlottesville’s political scene, I will be surprised if he doesn’t get one of the open seats.

    Of course that will lead to another question: Would that be evidence of more “cronyism” for those that would have an “elected” school board to use as fuel in their efforts? And if the answer is “Yes” then who’s interests is that group truly serving?

  2. I think Rev. Edwards would, at the very least, be a polarizing a figure, certainly as much of a race-baiting rabble-rouser as Turner. After his rhetorical flourishes on City Council, I do not think he would contribute constructively to the conversation. I think the council would do well to stay away from him, but if it is a ‘reserved’ seat that’s open, well, he would be almost impossible for the Democrats to refuse.

  3. Alvin Edwards has shown time and again that he has deep seated racist feelings. He was the defender of the teen thugs who were selecting people to beat up because they were not black or, in the case of one woman because she was a white woman.

    It was no surprise that later he said, in a Hook interview, that his favorite book is “Makes Me Wanna Holler”. This autobiography is the unrepentant rant of a violent sex offender, Nathan McCall, who participated in gang rape and violent assaults and shows no remorse but instead pride. He probably should be in prison but instead is lauded as some kind of hero that young black males should emulate.

    He’s also not a very bright person with a temper that gets in the way of any logic he may possess. Years ago at a candidates debate a Republican running against Edwards for City Council said that Charlottesville was sucking up Federal and State taxes and was, “a black hole for taxes”. Edwards did not understand the metaphor and jumped up and started calling the candidate a racist because he thought the Republican was referring to Charlottesvilles black population and not to the astronomical feature. He was in such a frenzy that he would not permit the candidate explain what a black hole is. He also called me a racist when he and I were talking and I referred to his congregation as “your people”.

    I think Edwards will be appointed to the school board.

  4. Madman, You pointed out some facts. The Rev. Edward’s church did hold bake sales for the CHS kids that made a game out of attacking UVA students, often resulting in serious injuries. BUT on the flip side…his own children are wonderful, contributing members of society. All extremly well behaved and motivated. It’s difficult to give a child more than you had and yet not spoil them rotten, Rev. and Mrs. Edwards did practice what they “preached”!
    THE OTHER OUTSTANDING activity of Rev. Edwards to notice is that he has “walked the walk”. He has spent years substituting in both Buford and the Alternative High School. He’s currently a long term sub at the alternative school. He knows what the city teachers face in the classroom.
    He knows what really goes on in the community that is reflected in our city kids behavior. I have to admire a person that would subject themselves to the daily abuse a substitute teacher in the city schools gets from some of the students. He does care…and doesn’t always wear blinders.
    Of the group out there I’m hoping Rev. Edwards get’s one of the seats on the school board. Some of the applicants are down right scary!

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