Progress Replaces Hatter with McCance

Today’s Progress reports that the paper has hired McGregor McCance as the new managing editor of he paper — he’ll start June 6. Being as how I know nothing about journalism, I can’t tell you what a managing editor does, but I do know that Lou Hatter has been the managing editor, and there’s not a peep about him in this article. I wonder what happened to him?

McCance was at the Roanoke Times as the business editor, was a reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and was both reporter and editor at the Lynchburg News & Advance. The Roanoke Times is the only of the three that’s not owned by Media General.

05/21 Update: A couple of people have e-mailed me to point out that Lou Hatter left to work for VDOT. My thanks to them, and my apologies for the delayed update — I’m halfway through a two-week vacation in the Outer Banks, and my mind is elsewhere. :)

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