3 thoughts on “C’ville Podcasting on Progress March”

  1. Podcasting.

    Last October, at a time when a search on “podcast” got 24 hits on Google, Doc Searls predicted that it might return in the millions by next October.

    I had been oblivious to podcasting until recently, probably because of the (somewhat unfortunate) reference to the iPod in its etymology. I’m an enthusiastic Mac user but not much of a music listener, so I tend to filter out iPod-centric stuff before it hits my brain. But over the past year I’ve become more and more of a radio listener; this week’s C-ville cover story, “Sonic Boom” (link is to the original Boston Phoenix publication), summarized my own experience in moving away from TV to radio/Internet as sources of news, public affairs, and commentary. Last year I bought a pair of wireless headphones so I could move around the house while listening to streaming Internet radio feeds of Air America and other broadcasts. And just this week I bought my first MP3 player in order to tap in to the growing array of podcasts, as well as to record FM broadcasts that I can’t ordinarily listen to because they’re on while I’m working.

    So I’m glad for this link to the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, since I hadn’t heard about it before.

  2. Hmm, I see you had a piece on the CPN back on 4/12. That just goes to show how precisely dated my personal tipping point of interest was, because that was a few days before I read a piece on podcasting somewhere else that broke through my “anti-iPod” filter and got me interested in the phenomenon.

    [Meta-question: is there an option in WordPress to allow users to edit past postings? It always feels kind of lame to have to post a followup to one’s own post to add information or correction…]

  3. is there an option in WordPress to allow users to edit past postings?

    I’m afraid that there’s not. (I think it’s just as well — the end result is often people posting inflammatory things, a flame war breaking out, and then a rewording of the original post that leaves everybody else looking like overreacting fools.) The live preview function, for those with JavaScript, is at least a step in the right direction. :)

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