C’ville Podcasting on Progress March

The Charlottesville Podcasting Network has a story today about Paul Richards’ “Daily Progress” march, which debuted at the Charlottesville Municipal Band‘s Spring Concert at PVCC last night. The audio story is available as an MP3, complete with excerpts from the performance. It’s a good-sounding song, too, FWIW.

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  • Podcasting.

    Last October, at a time when a search on “podcast” got 24 hits on Google, Doc Searls predicted that it might return in the millions by next October.

    I had been oblivious to podcasting until recently, probably because of the (somewhat unfortunate) reference to the iPod in its etymology. I’m an enthusiastic Mac user but not much of a music listener, so I tend to filter out iPod-centric stuff before it hits my brain. But over the past year I’ve become more and more of a radio listener; this week’s C-ville cover story, “Sonic Boom” (link is to the original Boston Phoenix publication), summarized my own experience in moving away from TV to radio/Internet as sources of news, public affairs, and commentary. Last year I bought a pair of wireless headphones so I could move around the house while listening to streaming Internet radio feeds of Air America and other broadcasts. And just this week I bought my first MP3 player in order to tap in to the growing array of podcasts, as well as to record FM broadcasts that I can’t ordinarily listen to because they’re on while I’m working.

    So I’m glad for this link to the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, since I hadn’t heard about it before.

  • Hmm, I see you had a piece on the CPN back on 4/12. That just goes to show how precisely dated my personal tipping point of interest was, because that was a few days before I read a piece on podcasting somewhere else that broke through my “anti-iPod” filter and got me interested in the phenomenon.

    [Meta-question: is there an option in WordPress to allow users to edit past postings? It always feels kind of lame to have to post a followup to one’s own post to add information or correction…]

  • is there an option in WordPress to allow users to edit past postings?

    I’m afraid that there’s not. (I think it’s just as well — the end result is often people posting inflammatory things, a flame war breaking out, and then a rewording of the original post that leaves everybody else looking like overreacting fools.) The live preview function, for those with JavaScript, is at least a step in the right direction. :)

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