9 thoughts on “This One Guy Doesn’t Like Our Decals”

  1. It’s a fill-dead-air story. And on top of that, apparently WINA doesn’t live by its promise to bring us the “news” when it happens. This guy complained about the decals at last Monday’s city council meeting.

  2. About as exciting as the registrars office announcement in the Progress to the effect we will have a “duel” election.

  3. i hear he was also upset that the yellow bike program never included those big-wheeled velocipeds like he used to ride back when he was but a wee lad in the old country.

  4. The point is not entirely without merit. These stickers look idiotic. It’s a bunch of flowers.

    I drive a beat up Jeep pick-up truck with a toolbox and a CB. It possesses a fine air of utilitarian manliness which is besmirched by this completely retarded-looking ‘bunch of flowers’ decal which I am required by law to display on the windshield. I’m going to have to add a gun rack and possibly even a winch to compensate for this ridiculous thing.

    Heck, why did they stop with the flowers? Why not throw on a pair of dancing, sparkly unicorns? With rainbows and ballerinas. Jeezus, just crib the whole thing off of a 6th grade girl’s Trapper Keeper and be done with it. That’s clearly the direction we’re moving in.

    Next year I suggest that Charlottesville go with a ‘snarling, rabid pit-bull’ motif for the stickers. We’ll make soccer moms put them on the windshields of their Honda Odysseys and see how they like it.


  5. just for the record, i think they’re azaleas and not dogwoods, as the original story suggested.

    but i could be wrong: i haven’t even put mine on yet, not because of the floral connotations but b/c i can’t find the razor/scraper that i usually use to get the old one off.

    don’t tell the cops.

  6. i think a trapper-keeper-style rainbows-and-unicorns decal would be totally awesome. especially on otherwise manly pickup trucks. but the flowers one is definitely kind of lame.

  7. also, good call about those being impossible to get off. ive started a row of stickers extending down my windshield because i can never remove more than 10% of the previous year’s sticker.

  8. I think there is a market for personalized stickers. For an extra $10 a year you should choose one of the following:

    1) snarling pit bull
    2) dancing unicorns
    3) any of the “art in place” installations
    4) the old ampitheatre before construction
    5) Rob Schilling
    6) the other four councillors holding hands
    7) architect’s drawing of Preston Plaza
    8) “Virginia is for lovers (some restrictions apply)”
    9) “Hunting is a RIGHT. Peace and quiet is NOT.”
    10) Plain black text which aggressively tells everyone, “I’m not making any statement”.

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