Man Nabbed for Ring Theft

A young lover decides to propose marriage. Lacking money, he goes to Glassner Jewelers, asks to see a $1,500 pair of rings, and runs like hell. He presents the stolen rings to his sweetheart, who says, happily, “yes.” He tells her that he got them at Glassner. She goes there to get them resized. Jailarity ensues. Reed Williams has the story in today’s Progress.

6 thoughts on “Man Nabbed for Ring Theft”

  1. I think its clear that several people involved here are racists and just won’t do anything for black folks – including the thief, his fiancee, the sales clerk, the owners and managers of Glassner, the police, and the diamond industry in general. Oh yeah, and public school teachers too – can’t forget them.

  2. yea, why did they teach commerce to the white kids and not the black kids? You mean you have to work hard and earn money to pay for rings?

    Shouldn’t lower income be entitle to these rings?

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