Local Woman Survives Tsunami

Charlottesville chiropractor Irv Cox received an e-mail from his daughter, Stephanie, telling the remarkable tale about how she survived the tsunami when it struck Railay Bay, where she was on a docked ferry. She and her fiancee, along with a growing crowd of people, fled ashore as a trio of gigantic swells nearly overcame them, escaping to the jungle before being evacuated the next day. John Yellig has the story in today’s Progress.

One thought on “Local Woman Survives Tsunami”

  1. hey waldo–

    what a weird coincidence…stephanie cox’s fiancee lou is a good friend of mine from high school. i also received her amazing email while peter g. and i were skiing in aspen over new years. i forwarded her horrifying email to my friends at cnn who interviewed her and lou for a story. the link is below. the progress story is wrong though–both lou and stephanie live in denver. its amazing they survived.


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