Dave Cupp Leaves WVIR on Friday

As has been long planned, Dave Cupp is leaving WVIR 29, and Friday will be his last day. His been with the station for 26 years, and served as news director for a mighty long time, but is leaving to follow his wife to Cambridge, where she’s worked at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the past couple of years. Cupp’s departure comes a a little over a year after the departure of Robert Van Winkle, another WVIR veteran, who is now with WBBH, WVIR’s Florida sister station (both are owned by Waterman Broadcasting). As has been noted repeatedly, WVIR is hemorrhaging talent, and their new competition from WCAV (CBS 19) and WVAW (ABC 16) isn’t going to make things any easier, to say nothing of the proposed Fox station and the elusive WCVL cable station. John Yellig has the story in today’s Progress.

4 thoughts on “Dave Cupp Leaves WVIR on Friday”

  1. Dave’s a class act, and always has been. He’s a real pro. The quality of local broadcast personalities will take an enormous hit once he leaves.

  2. Dave Cupp really is a good guy. Some years ago, shortly after I started cvillenews.com, I contacted every local media outlet and offered to sit down with them and help them, conceptually, create a website that doesn’t suck. (This wasn’t entirely for the benefit of cvillenews.com; I wanted to get some business out of it, too.) When meeting with WVIR, I sat down with Harold Wright, Dave Cupp, and Robert Van Winkle, and we talked for at least an hour or two, if memory serves. (He was also my neighbor for several years, on North First Street.) They’re all fine guys, but I was particularly impressed by Dave. He’s open-minded, intelligent, perceptive, and thoughtful. WVIR will certainly be the lesser for his departure.

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