Progress Site to Require Registration

The Daily Progress is poised to begin requiring an invasive registration process to read stories on their website. It’s well beyond anything I’ve ever seen before for a news outlet: they require an e-mail address, password, full name, street address, year of birth and ZIP code, and in registering, one must agree to receive spam — there is no opt-out function. Not just spam from Media General’s 27 daily newspapers and 26 TV stations, but from any of their advertisers. The mind reels. Registration is not possible without a valid e-mail address. As of this writing, it’s still possible to use the website without registration, but the “please register to read stories” banner appearing intermittently on the front page makes clear that this will be changing very shortly. If they don’t want people to use their website, they should just shut it down. This is just boneheaded.

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