Accident Blocks Both Lanes of Bypass

A really nasty accident blocked the 29 bypass in both directions this evening, WINA (and several submitters) report. Specifics aren’t available just yet, but since all four lanes were blocked, traffic had to be diverted, creating a ripple effect that left gridlock throughout the city, miles away from the accident scene. Three people are hospitalized with serious injuries. Anybody have any details?

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  1. the wife and i were headed to barracks last night, and came up on the backup just before the barracks road exit. luckily we ducked off just before the traffic.

  2. one of my friends talked to one of my roommate last night. So i am kinda of relaying what my roommate said.

    My friend was actually JUST there when it happen. I didn’t get the exact details but from what I understood. Someone was actual threw from their windshield. OUCH. And also they had to use the jaws of life to get someone out. Not sure if they were alive or not.

    My friend also notice some city coucilor (not sure who it was) complaining to the police or maybe just complaining period about how the police wasn’t doing their job. I guess he was mad being stuck in traffic. Well which CC doesn’t have a car so we can figure out who it was. The usual bitching and moaning we see from our local leaders. My friend did notice he was saying he was a city coucilor member.

    who knows?

  3. Apparently a mattress flew off someones car and someone had to swarve (spelling?) to miss it but they ended up hitting someone head on in the other lane. It just rippled and I think it was a 6 car pile up? I know here at uva traffic on alderman was backed up from fontaine to ivy both north and south bound, then of course emmett was a mess along with university ave. Just a huge mess…. I think nbc29 has it on their site…

    This reminds me of back in the summer when a truck flipped on 64 and it created a ripple effect all around town also… Our infrastructure is terrible….

    Good news is that I dont think anyone lost their life

  4. And this accident happened in the county. I still wouldn’t put it past a city council member to complain to a county cop – they always amaze.

  5. This is what happens when road are designed in the artery fashion – when the artery gets blocked, you’re screwed.

    Hopefully all involved recover.

  6. exactly! but dont expect anything more than a year long million dollar study to tell them what the average comuter could tell them for free… this town is amazing. what other place can you think of that grows at a rate of 2osomething percent (only 2nd to northern va) but adds no new roads? Ive heard on the media that by 2010 or 2015 route 250 will surpass 29 as the most traveled route in cville…. Wonder what they will do?

  7. There’s nothing wrong with a study – I certainly want my government to think it through before they build it. But that would require them to actually build something instead of just putting the study on the shelf next to the study of the same problem that was done 10 years ago.

  8. Yeah exactly how I feel… Some of these studies are rediculous tho… Study what impact an interchange will have on hydraulic and 29? It makes traffic flow better DUH… How long have they been studying meadowcreek parkway? over 30 years now right? If they needed the parkway 30 years ago you would THINK that we would need it today…. The problem is the city keeps electing people to office that operate off of this nieve principle that everyone should walk or use public transportation… I understad the city is a liberal place but I say elect some republican councillers just for one term so some roads can get built…

  9. "I say elect some republican councillers just for one term so some roads can get built…"


    shhhhh, i won’t tell anyone you just said that. It will be our little secret.

  10. Well the hug-a-trees that they have now arent doing us anygood. I mean the entire council doesnt need be republican just enough to tip it in the hands of people who favor transportation other than walking and using an unreliable bus system. If they dont want Republicans at least elect a democrat who doesnt want to study the hell out of everything and not do anything with it. DailyProgress had a story on this very subject…!news

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