WINA, Progress RSS Newsfeeds

I’ve gotten tired of loading WINA and the Daily Progress’ website repeatedly each day, so I’ve hacked together a screen-scraper to extract the news from each site to make it available as an RSS newsfeed. The website management tool used by the Daily Progress hasn’t been updated since ninteen-freaking-ninety-seven, complete with security holes, while WINA just hasn’t added a feed, so I thought I’d write something. Point your newsreader of choice at or On my end, the headlines are cached for an hour, so that I don’t place any undue stress on WINA or the Daily Progress’ servers, and I’d appreciate it if y’all didn’t set your newsreaders to query these feeds more than a few times each day. Note that the Progress feed is complete — headlines and descriptions, whereas WINA’s is headlines-only for the time being on stories where abstracts aren’t provided. Bug reports appreciated. Update: I’m avoiding schoolwork, so I made a Cavailer Daily feed, too.

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