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I’ve gotten tired of loading WINA and the Daily Progress’ website repeatedly each day, so I’ve hacked together a screen-scraper to extract the news from each site to make it available as an RSS newsfeed. The website management tool used by the Daily Progress hasn’t been updated since ninteen-freaking-ninety-seven, complete with security holes, while WINA just hasn’t added a feed, so I thought I’d write something. Point your newsreader of choice at or On my end, the headlines are cached for an hour, so that I don’t place any undue stress on WINA or the Daily Progress’ servers, and I’d appreciate it if y’all didn’t set your newsreaders to query these feeds more than a few times each day. Note that the Progress feed is complete — headlines and descriptions, whereas WINA’s is headlines-only for the time being on stories where abstracts aren’t provided. Bug reports appreciated. Update: I’m avoiding schoolwork, so I made a Cavailer Daily feed, too.

3 thoughts on “WINA, Progress RSS Newsfeeds”

  1. Just as a reminder, there’s a feed, though the descriptions taper off after X words and sometimes come up mysteriously blank, so it’s not altogether good. One of these days I’ll debug that, put the whole body in there and CDATA enclose it, maybe provide a few responses to posts or something, but life’s short and the Bo Sox are kicking the Yankees’ ass…priorities, priorities, priorities. :)

  2. Now I’m putting off studying for a math test tomorrow and writing a paper for Tuesday, so I made the WINA feed provide links directly to the individual stories and provide abstracts where WINA provides them on their site.

    That’s probably all I’ll be doing on these feeds. Hopefully, when these new TV stations start with news broadcasts, they’ll be clueful enough to put stories up on their website, archive them permanently, and have RSS feeds.

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