Follow-Up: Progress’ 2000 Bush Endorsement

To follow up on dsewell’s “ask” question last week, here’s the text of The Daily Progress’ November 5, 2000 endorsement of George Bush. Since folks are so eager to discuss political matters, let’s make it local: has President Bush met the expectations of the Progress’ editorial board? If so (or if not), should the Progress endorse Bush anew, or would Kerry be a better choice for Central Virginia? Discuss amongst yourselves. (Note that the editorial is reprinted without permission, please don’t sue me, educational use, some restrictions may apply, God save the queen, etc.)


November 5, 2000

After eight years of Clinton-Gore scandals, it’s time for a fresh start.

George W. Bush offers that fresh start. In both substance and style, he promises superior leadership to that of Al Gore. It is a leadership that will help America retain its heritage of individual freedom with individual responsibility.

A keystone to that philosophy in action is Mr. Bush’s proposal to partially privatize Social Security. He pledges to sustain promised benefits and would not change the program for those at or near retirement. But for younger workers, he would offer the option of using a portion of their Social Security taxes for individual investment. But several realities weigh against that risk:

  • Federally managed Social Security funds have a far longer history of dismal return on investment, barely keeping up with inflation. Even if market conditions resume the slower growth we once knew, private investors have an excellent chance to better Social Security’s rate of return.
  • The Bush alternative would be voluntary. If workers don’t feel comfortable with private investment, they may leave their Social Security money with the government until retirement.
  • To stay solvent, the fund will need a boost from additional revenue sources � or a cut in future benefits � and this pending crisis calls for some sort of reform.

Mr. Bush also promises to take the current Social Security surplus and sequester it for Social Security use. Previously, Congress has raided this and other trust funds to pay for current programs, leaving IOUs instead. This practice must stop, and a “lock box” for Social Security is a good start.

Mr. Bush also would promote policies that encourage personal freedom in education, giving parents and local school districts more control; in senior citizen health care, by offering elders the option to choose Medicare or their own health plan, and in many other areas.

His policies would boost business, entrepreneurship and research and development investment, creating jobs for Americans.

One downside: Although Mr. Bush has said he would push for more R&D support for alternative energy, he has also said he would open up the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration. Not only for environmental reasons should this be avoided. This country recently experienced an energy scare, but not an energy crisis. If a true crisis develops we will need these reserves; in the meanwhile we should retain them in the same way most of us keep a savings account for emergencies.

In style, George W. Bush is less like his father than like the previous Republican president, Ronald Reagan. He is described as a decision-maker who briskly sets policy directions and expects his staff to implement them. This style will work as long as he lives up to his pledge to surround himself with an experienced support group; his selection of the extremely knowledgeable Dick Cheney as vice presidential running mate and his hope of recruiting Colin Powell as secretary of state show � along with other astute personnel choices � that he is capable of wise decisions.

Mr. Bush also has a reputation in Texas politics for inclusion and working well across party lines. He promises to do the same in Washington, easing the sometimes vicious partisanship of recent years.

For these reasons and more, we endorse George W. Bush.

48 thoughts on “Follow-Up: Progress’ 2000 Bush Endorsement”

  1. “After eight years of Clinton-Gore scandals, it’s time for a fresh start.”


    “Mr. Bush also has a reputation in Texas politics for inclusion and working well across party lines. He promises to do the same in Washington, easing the sometimes vicious partisanship of recent years.”

    These are my two favorite bits. If I were drinking milk, I would have squirted it out of my nose when I read those.

  2. "His policies would boost business, entrepreneurship and research and development investment, creating jobs for Americans."

    If the goal was the creation of jobs in the private sector, the policies seem to have been a miserable failure. I believe there’s been a loss of some 1,600,000 private sector jobs. Only the creation of 900,000 government jobs has partially mitigated that disaster. Nevertheless, this president is the first leader since Hoover to have presided over a net loss of jobs.

    I look forward to reading the Daily Progress’s conclusion that "after four years of Bush-Cheney job losses, it’s time for a fresh start."

  3. just playing devil’s advocate, but i’d be curious to see how many presidents in the past have stood up to similar scrutiny (i.e. how they performed compared to what the expectations were before they were elected).

  4. eh, this whole area is full of YOU KNOW WHAT. First the city in its effort votes againist the war in Iraq. Good one! I am sure the folks in DC are shivering in their boots because you voted againist them. And now, the Regress is endorsing Bush. i say EH!

  5. easy: Bush has made the world a worse place, Clinton made it a better place. is that easy enough for the devil in you?

  6. HOW CARES who the "wanna be" newspaper endorses. Theyll do what all Bush supporters do take everything and spin. Theres really nothing more I can say that I havent said already. Nothing I say will sway people, they all have their minds made up… lets just sit back and let things play out and see if the polls are really true kerry 48 bush 45. What I have learned so far in my politics class on polling if anything the polls are giving Bush more than he deserves. Pollsters cant get in touch with the average college student b.c we often only use cell phones (for me that is true), also people who generally only have a cell phone are people who are on the go a lot, again mostly democrats…. And the most damning of all facts that the polls dont account for is the fact that they dont count ANY of the first time registered voters again these people are overwhelmingly demcratic…. I think in Ohio they said registration of democrats is up 250%… Granted we gotta get these people out to the polls but if things arent as close as Gallup, Zogby, and the rest say it is… you now know why.

  7. On a slightly lighter note… Waldo or any other person… Do you have any updates on local politics- whats been happening with the MCP, Widening of 29, Eastern Connector, the tons of new shopping centers (when are they breaking ground on Albemarle Place?) I havent heard much about any of these things…..

    In case sympactico or Iamtheman are wondering… nationally im probably more of a democratic leaner…. LOCALLY however, those tree huggers in the city council need to go… im sick of traffic pile ups and congestion all for some grass in an unused park….

    excuse my rambling

  8. Do you have any updates on local politics- whats been happening with the MCP, Widening of 29, Eastern Connector, the tons of new shopping centers (when are they breaking ground on Albemarle Place?) I havent heard much about any of these things…..

    I’m afraid not. Were I living in Charlottesville — as I will be in two months and four days — I imagine I’d be more up on these things, and not reliant on word-of-email and local media for updates.

  9. clinton made the world a better place? for white house interns, maybe.

    his response to terrorism was to lob a couple of poorly aimed tomahawk missles at a chinese embassy. that sure made me feel safer.

    so now a bunch of countries who used to dislike the US now hate us. big woop. what are they going to do? NOT call us to bail them out when they get their asses in a sling? sounds like a fair deal to me.

  10. yea,

    i haven’t too much on Albemarle Town Center. All i know is that the development is the favorite of all the local leaders city and county. I mean it is suppose be near the city and just before you hit the bypass. So traffic will be more of a mess but hey it is in the city. I haven’t heard any protest or rambles about it. Also I haven’t heard or seen construction out there.

    Hollymead Town Center looks like a better mess then it has in the last year. Traffic is still pain up here. I remember the chaos of shutting down one lane during the day. Then they magically started to do that at night after a rumor about the county not allowing them to do that in the first place surfaces. Though, i just believe one of our mighty supervisor got stuck in the traffic and decided to allow the developors to do that night. I think they are starting to lay down some bricks.

    North Pointe HA! That looks like the biggest mess of the all. I think they started to clear stuff up there but nothing major. It looks like they are waiting for approval.

  11. you start dropping comments like "on-the-go cell phone users are mostly democrats." holy broad generalization, batman!!! you learn that in your politics class too?

  12. …uh, by the last tally, it be the US ass in the sling…

    …in case you haven’t paid attention in economics 101: the ‘World’ out there owns half of America. you think they’re financing our trillion dollar debt for free?

    …don’t stray to far from the borders, now… the World has YOUR number…

  13. the World has YOUR number…

    that might explain all the annoying phone calls i’ve been getting re: refinancing my mortgage AND getting $75k to pay off my credit cards.

    i’ve travelled abroad twice this year. neither time did i catch any grief for being an evil american. maybe if kerry gets elected, the UN will pass a resolution telling the rest of the world to stop being so mean to us, because it’s hurting our feewings.

  14. …gone ‘broad twice this year’? how’s the PX in Karlsruhe? They still sell TVs in NTSC don’t they?

  15. i didn’t think it was possible for anyone to make less sense than CL. you’re an anomaly.

  16. If that is what you learned in political studies whoever is paying for your education has been taken.

  17. Actually I did… My prof. is Paul Freedman class is PLAP 227 Public Opinion and Political Participation. Check it out on the UVa website… I assure you its there. IF that wasnt a enough I have plenty of notes and like I said you have my prof. name now.

    You have never will never take anything I say into consideration. You have your mind made up and no amount of facts, evidence, or personal experience would ever sway your vote.

  18. Like I posted in the other reply, all the information is there. People who dont have landline phones are GENERALLY on the go, young, not married, democrats…. Its just the facts you have to give it up… Like I said when election day comes and the results arent as close as they show them, DONT BE SURPRISED. Again info on the class

    Freedman, PLAP 227, Public Opinion and Political Participation…

  19. You have your mind made up and no amount of facts, evidence, or personal experience would ever sway your vote.

    that’s the first thing you’ve said that i agree with.

  20. Anyone catch the news lately? The same man that was hell bent on convincing people that Clinton wasnt moral has a little law suit on his hands. Yes mister republican himself, Bill O’Reilly, has a sexual harassment suit against him. Now hes saying its a big "liberal conspiracy to sway voters" … hmm where DO I start… Isnt this the same place that claims to be "fair and balance"? For hime to say this would sway voters its admiting they have a right wing agenda…

    Back to the issue.. Ive seen this over and over from the Right. They claim to be the moral ones in the US, that they are religious. Kerry couldnt have said it better when he said that saying things being christian doesnt mean you have done deeds to show it.

    These same people who claim to be moral and Christian read the same Bible I do.. "Blessed are the peace makers" "Hold your peace and let the lord fight your battles" "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" Yet our president here has presided over a war with no real cause, killed more of his own people with the death penalty than any other gov.

    Anyone else read about the story of the greedy people who refused to help the poor and god appeared from one of them and showed that he was actually the people asking for help… moral is god is in everyone so treat your fellow man with respect. How can you claim to be christian but be so adament about not helping the poor… Here is their response people who are poor either: want to be poor, are lazy, should get an education, racist or ethnic slurs, or a combination of these. QUESTION: who the hell WANTS to be poor?? Bush got up there and sang his song about the unemployed those who have lost wages should go out and get an education… who in the world cares about school if you dont know how you’re going to eat when you get home??? And his remarks were made based on the assumption that the unemployed arent educated…

    Now I believe just as strongly as anyone else that those people who arent trying to get out of their situation deserve no pity, but contrary to popular right wing belief I think that number is much smaller than they say.

    I was watching John Q (got to love liberal media huh?) last night and it reminded me of just how selfish and greedy people are in this country. I say if I come out of this university making decent money I dont care if you take an extra 50$ of my money to help other people. My religion and morals tell me its the right thing to do.

    Plainly, actions speak louder than words. You can claim to be moral and christian alll day everyday and still show no characteristics of a true chritian.

  21. Political Science – isn`t.

    They who believe each word a professor (or TA for God`s sake) , speaks, is gospel ,is destined to be misinformed.

    I have no intention of starting a debate on the celfone bit; however, when one notes the negative in the premise; i.e., "people who don`t have landline phones……" it leaves a gap in the mix as in those with no phone, those with both, rather than stating "those who solely use celfones ………." it indicates faulty thinking in establishing the premise.

  22. again, you’re laying down a blanket judgement based on "your" perception of what a "good" christian is. there’s a major contradiction in your logic…if you try to govern based on your religious morals, you’ll be accused of breaching the seperation of church and state. "thou shall not kill?" how many men did john kerry kill in vietnam? does his testimony before congress after he got back make up for the lives he took? or does it not matter, because he’s a liberal, and thus, in your mind, not a "christian"? hell, i could argue that bush did the good "christian" thing by not going to vietnam where he wouldn’t be forced to kill people.

    another interesting thing you said…"if i come out of this university making decent money, i don’t care if you take an extra $50 of my money to help other people." why should it only come out if you’re "making decent money"? a "true" christian lives a life of poverty, gives all his worldly possessions away to help others, etc. etc. you speak so judgementally about other people’s actions, yet your own words brand you a hypocrite. who are you to say what makes a "good" christian if you yourself aren’t one?

    left-wing self-righteousness is just as rampant as right-wing. except the lefties have the luxury of using the bible as a measuring stick to hold their conservative counterparts up to. let’s see how many of the ten commandments our "supposedly" christian commander-in-chief broke today, shall we? then we can use that as a justification for tearing apart his positions on other issues we disagree with him on…like the ethics of stem cell research. it’s a great way to have your cake and eat it too, isn’t it?

  23. Difference is Kerry is runing around to churches to get their rosters so he can actively exploit their religion, decent money means anything to me… now that you bring it up I dont care if I dont make decent money… if im above the average then I dont mind giving back….

    The thing that makes Bush a hypocrit is that he campaigns on this base and the Right wingers have long used it as a tool. Can you honestly say that the republican attack machine hasnt made it seem as though Christians ought to vote republican? Nixon was the last republican candidate to feel an obligation to help the poor….

    Contrary to what you keep saying I am not liberal. It may seem that way now because Im fed up with this administration. Just as a side note you dont have to be liberal to support john kerry. The democratic party is THE most diverse party of them all (racially, gender, ethnically, religious, sexual oreintation, social status) Last time I checked our government was put in place to represent the people… Not simply to delegate the publics wishes but to represent them in their best interest. I think it says something that the republican party is primarily rich, white, male, protestants, and of course the southerners (we all know where their allegience came from, it stems from Goldwaters, republican presidential candidate, opposition to the Civil Rights act).

    Like I said both parties have their hypocrits… however on the basis of religion the republican party subjects itself to being called hypocrits when they claim to be moral but act differently. The gay marriage ban meant nothing, it was just a tool by the republican party to divide the country, just as they used race in the south.

    Again im not liberal(and i dont think there is anything wrong with people who are liberal means strong advocacy for protection of contutional rights, if you hate that I dont know what to tell you) I dont support most abortions, the death penalty, spending more money on weapons of murder than research for life, I dont agree with gay marriage nor do I agree with outcasting people from society, I dont agree with giving welfare to people not activly trying to better their lives, I want more education spending, less world patrol, i can go on and on–if im still a liberal to you, who cares.

  24. Your taking everything I say completely out of context to make yourself feel more secure. Give it up, the polls now favor Bush eventhough hes behind or tied. Only an idiot wouldnt be able to notice that registration has sky-rocketed… 250% in Ohio, 60% in Florida, 2000 new ones here from uvas "university democrats" alone… In an article it reads these people are heavily democrat. Heres the link if you dont believe me…. Spin it how you will, say the people wont vote fact is if theyve never voted before I think it says something that they took the effort to even register(just doesnt make sense-if youve never registered or voted before why would you do so now?)

    Here is the site


    I can hear your excuse now… liberal media ha ha sad really that I can predict it… Really look at the site.

  25. i’ve travelled abroad twice this year. neither time did i catch any grief for being an evil american.

    I spent a week in Sweden this summer and everyone was wonderful to me. On the other hand, the #1 paperback bestseller in the newstands was a Swedish translation of Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men.

    Today’s edition of The Guardian online has several stories about a new worldwide poll of attitudes toward America and GW Bush. No surprise: Americans are still popular, but Bush is not. Take a look here, here, and here.

    If we re-elect Bush, Americans travelling abroad are more likely to feel direct unpopularity, because at that point it will be obvious to the rest of the world that any given American has at least a 50% chance of being an idiot. As in “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Sure, we can bluster about not paying any attention to what the rest of the world thinks of us. But it didn’t work too well in the end for the Soviet Union, or for South Africa under apartheid, or for North Korea these days. The Declaration of Independence doesn’t start out by mentioning “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind” for nothing.

  26. "Your taking everything I say completely out of context"

    Hmmmmmm. The only context I had was what you wrote. Did you omit something?

  27. Very interesting… Seems to be a common trend this year. Bush supporters not responding to the information but shooting back with childish rhetoric. Look you can cry all you want to about people with cell phones not being more in favor of the guy you oppose. Im going off what my prof. taught us.. I will believe the words of an educated person, with a doctorate in their field, has been studying politics and polls for a great deal of time of thier life, and is quite frankly much more informed on the facts than you are. Dont be a whiner about it go out and find some facts to dispute it. Like I said Ill believe a person who knows this issue over a person throwing a temper tantrum just b/c it doesnt work in their favor. Im sure if I would have posted "cell phone usuers are predominatly Bush supporters" a grin would have went from ear to ear b/c your side would have been re-affirmed.

    By the way did you look at the site I posted? What are you complain about regarding that article? Registration up 250% for dems in ohio, 60% for dems in Florida, similar numbers in other states esp. swing states.. Go to the site unless you’re afraid youll read some fact that make you think twice about the polls.

    By the way as we saw last week with the Bush campaigns oh so clever but devestatingly misleading… you can take exact phrases from what people say and twist it how you want….

    He complains about Kerry when he said "I dont think you can win it[war on terror]" I agree to a certain level, there will always be terrorist out there. Where he went wrong with me is when he said it and then gets all excited when kerry said something that could be taken out of context to make it seem like he said the exact same thing. (waiting for the spin i know it will come).. Also this man said just several months ago that he didnt know where bin laden was and he didnt care…. hmmmmm hes a sure bet against terror! Please get off the punch lines and face it. The acts of terror have increased around the world, US weapons are disapearing in Iraq that can be used against us, NO BIN LADEN, our troops are being killed weekly if not daily by terrorist, and the world hates us= more material for raising terror support… Now I know whats coming, "there hasnt been another terror attack here at home since 9/11" fact number one it took the terrorist what 11 years to attack again at home, so its really to early to tell if things worked… Actually Bush himself basically told us that things havent worked he said: "its not a matter of IF but WHEN" What kind of spin can you come with to explain this? Either he admitted that his policies against terror arent working or hes trying to scare the gulable into voting for him. Pick, its your choice.

  28. You know, if I didn’t read here and there that you are a dem, I’d swear from your plow’em over in-your-face down-and-tough rants you were a GOP nut.

    One thing I can’t stand, and is typically a Republican attribute, is to quote and virtually prostrate your own intelligence for someone who’s supposed to be, what did you call your prof? Ah! "the words of an educated person, with a doctorate in their field"… "has been studying politics and polls" bla bla bla.

    Did you prof install an off-button on you?

  29. Perhaps you will be able to sneak in a class on reading comprehension.

    My post, which did not touch on politics, merely offered my views on the underlying premise of one of your rants.

    I don`t mind your rants. I am glad, nay, overwhelmed with joy, you are getting an education. When you have finished you may then start attaining some wisdom in the exercise of your newly acquired knowledge.

  30. Again you refuse to face the facts… Im really not in a good mood at all. I just visited a dying family member when I realized that the families of 1000 American troops have gone through the exact samething. The only difference is that this lying bastard sent them over there for no reason. W and his faithful staff said months before 9/11 that Saddam had NO WEAPONS but afterwards they did. This man is crazy is so are his followers. You guys talk that crap about the world being safer without bin laden oh wait thats not the one he caught. You guys rely on corny punch lines and slogans to further Bush’s disgusting agenda. He has launched several wars during his presidency, a war on Afganistan-justified, Iraq- justified by a flat out LIE no matter how you spin it… when someone says something that isnt true its a LIE..hes launced a war on americans- what war? FEAR this up and down threat level is the most pathetic thing ever.. he knows as long as he raise the terror level to orange or red he can get the gulable americans to follow. You want to say this war was justified because we are saving the iraqis? Get over yourself and stop being so arrogant. We arent these great saviors of the world as you all would like to hope… Ask the Iraqis if things are that much better… most have no electricity, no water, their country has become a breeding ground for terrorist, and they cant walk out the door without fear of being blown up or shot to death are things that much better? You should take a step back from the republican censored news stories and get off the american high horse and look at things from their persepective. If not at least go fight the war that you support so much… Your response: the people in the military signed up for their job.. Crappy response- just b.c you sign up doesnt give a man the right to abuse his power.

    This man has driven wages down in america and despite these gross interpretations of the economy things arent that great! Wages have shrunk by 41%. Wait let me stop you probably dont care because you still have your jobs. You guys need something to happen to you, for things to affect you personally. As long as you can sit back in your forest lakes, 29 north, ivy, keswick, greene, fluvanna (wherever you live) homes with things not happening to you you simply dont care about anyone else."bring morality back to the white house" YEAH RIGHT… get control of your underage drinking daughter, drug addicted neice, cheating brother and friends, your own alcholism before you come on tv judging someone else.

    Hes a liar a cheater and he needs to go. Im not going to be polite and try to convert anyone for the simple fact nothing will change you… Four more years is what you want… yes lets go down a path of no return and destruction… So get up from the computer after getting pissed at me and go back to critizing the poor say they are poor b.c theyre lazy, want to be poor, or have no motivation (who the hell cares about education if you cant eat???!!! nevermind you dont care) go back to saying deficits dont matter or you dont care-after all you dont care ill be the one paying off the cuts to the rich (funny note: the tax cuts like child credit and marriage credit you had to claim as income on your next tax return ask an accountant) go back to conquering the world start off with invading a country for one reason but changing as soon as people find out your reason wasnt true… go back to your arrogant thinking about the world.. I think its funny how you dont care about other countries supporting us but you care about "how it will look" if we pulled out… go back to supporting the spending of 10 times more on spending for weapons TO KILL than research to save lives- screw Bush if we had 200 BILLION here who knows how many lives would have been saved by medical research, education, health care… but no we had to spend it on killing people and having our people killed while proclaiming we are fighting terrorism….

    The reason for my "..plow’em over in-your-face down-and-tough rants…" is because im so damn sick of this man, because im educated on the issue, because I know there are so many bush backers who dont know anything outside of the punch lines and swift vote ads. The republicans have been a** holes in elections for years and now that the dems are finally getting a back bone everyone is getting shook and calling us out of line…

    Hell im done, ive written a lot but could go for so much longer but it wont make a difference for the ignorant and unwilling to learn.

    "One thing I can’t stand, and is typically a Republican attribute, is to quote and virtually prostrate your own intelligence for someone who’s supposed to be, what did you call your prof? Ah! "the words of an educated person, with a doctorate in their field"… "has been studying politics and polls" bla bla bla. " In response to this quote for one prof. = professor I just wanted to abbreviate (too complicated I suppose) for two who do you want me to believe? someone like you that has no knowledge on the subject? first you say to the poor get an education then you say dont listen to everything teachers say in other words dont listen to the things that might prove you wrong!

    I better go now b.c im sure big brother is watching and eagerly waiting for me to say something incriminating… theyve taken our freedoms not the terrorist OUR GOVERNMENT through the Patriot Act… Like I said im dealing with personal issues and quite frankly im fed up and dont give a damn who I piss off…

    We’ll see what America thinks on november 2nd that is unless bush plans to block black voters, the supreme court decides our president again, or voice of the american public doenst matter again….

  31. Are you on drugs? Speed maybe? Something about you is fundamentally wrong… You see, the average dem is a bleeding heart (the typical republican being an ass-hole). But your lack of basic comprehension within our discussion demonstrates a tendency toward fascist extremism. I’d say you need to jump party lines and go republican. That seems like your true calling.

    As for me, I’ll stick with my independence until such time a candidate appears to actually represent me even just a little.

  32. Like I said I dont care what any of you people thinking anymore… nothing else needs to be said… IM THE ONE THAT LACKS COMPREHENSION?! BACK OFF you all are the ones that cant answer one single reason you rely on personal attacks if thats your thing RUN WITH IT! There was a time in this year when I considered going the other way but I will NEVER vote for those scheming mulitipitive cowards. Call me what you want just shows how immature you "adults" really are. Dont ever ask if im on drugs thats disusting, you belong on a republican campaign.

    Even if there was a candidate out there that represented you a little you probably wouldnt know about it b.c you are content with whining and complaining.

  33. Welcome back to middle school.. Again with the personal attacks… Let me guess your a republican? I can comprehend fine thats how I got in here. I dont want to become like older peopel you guys are so stuck in your ways that even when your wrong you wont admit it. You didnt bring up politics but I DID deal with it. Typical cant answer a single issue based comment so go on personal attacks…

    I should get classes on comprehension? Maybe you should… seems as though you guys cant determine what issues are and how to respond without getting personal…

  34. I’m glad I made you ‘come out’. I predict you will join the republican party in short order simply because you are such a unthinking bulldozer…

  35. I may a bulldozer to people who dont have enough information to make even a moderate arguement for their side. It may seem as though Im bulldozing you because I know what Im talking about… "unthinking bulldozer" again with the personal attacks I guess no thought process was ever taken to make my points… I dont know which is sadder the fact that I allegedly went through no thought process or the fact that if I didnt you still cant make a good fight against me…..

    I didnt come out… where did you see me saying Ill turn republican? I said ID NEVER VOTE FOR THE MILUPITIVE CONIVING LYING REPUBLICAN PARTY! There was a time earlier in this year when I thought about it but im almost certain to not make that mistake agian.

  36. A cursory review of your posts reveals the following slurs by you against those who disagree with you.

    Arrogant, lying bastard, crazy, liar, cheats, drug addicts, alcoholics, cowards, whiners, complainers, ad infinitum.

    And you accuse me of personal attack when I wish you well in attaining knowledge and wisdom?

    Enjoy your salad days, they occur but once.

  37. You are absolutely right, I apologize to the people I offended. However, when I refered to arroant people I refered to people who think America is above all others, when I said lying bastard I was refering to W- I stand by this claim, cheats- Again refering to Bush and the people in Florida every independent study shows Gore won had the Supreme Court allowed the whole state to be recounted, drug addicts and alcoholics- refering to the Bush family -I was out of line, cowards- I dont remember saying that but again I was refering to the gulable who allow the up and down fiasco that is the terror alert system sway their votes, whiners an complainers that would be the democrats only im sure you say ;)…. the thing about the ads- I stand by completely they {Rebulican attack machines} are the cruelest people in elections bringing up things from 30 years ago, calling people names, taking words out of context, all while proclaiming theyre fighting for morality…. Again Im sorry if I offended you I dont have a problem with admitting my faults unlike a head strong leader that is currently driving our country down to the depts of hell.

    Im so passionate because Im geniunely afraid of what would happen if god forbid he is reelected.. He gets to appoint suppreme court justices that will turn the clocks back on everything. He’ll piss the remaining one percent of the world off. Attack a few more countries and create more hate towards the US. These people dont hate because "we’re free" thats just rediculous. They hate us because of our policies. Now I dont know much about our policies in the middle east outside iraq, iran, pacistan, saudi… but I wouldnt be too fond of a country who has troops occupying my country day in and day out (again I dont know the whole story). Im afraid of terrorism and by the words of Bush himself he hasnt fought it adaquetly "its not a matter of if but when" he says, basically admitting we arent any safer than before.

    As far as these "salad days" you call them.. I wont change. I will never let money and greed cover my eyes and hate the poor, I will never hide from the worlds problems behind a money sack or mortages, I wont let my arrogance get in the way of seeing things from another persons perspective. Ive tried to see things from a Bush supporters view, hell I nearly was one, but everytime I write stuff on chat or message boards I have peopel picking away at the rather minor things in my statements rather than addressing the issues I bring up.

    I think i’m pretty much done with this message board. Im not getting any reasons to support Bush all I get is "things are good for me so thats all I care about". So im done, the eletorate will decide on November 2nd which way to go. Again thats if the supreme court doesnt decide again. All I can do know is turn my back on the W supporters b.c theyve offered me no hand to their side and explain why 4 more years other than again "things are good for me so thats all I care about". Ill just continue to encourage my friends to vote. Take the car and shuttle people back and forth to polls, and pray for our country.

  38. The bottom line in all of your rants is this statement from you:

    "Ill just continue to encourage my friends to vote. Take the car and shuttle people back and forth to polls, and pray for our country."

    You were here campaigning, trying to pick up some undecided voters. Now, that in itself, there’s nothing wrong. But your tunnel vision is truly your most remarkable feature (other than you being hyper 24/7). This is why I am confident your recent stint at "understanding the Republican" thinking and admitting almost joining this very year, demonstrates your lack of true conviction. It seems you are more enthralled with waging war with some internal enemy rather than committing to understanding the fundamentals.

    That’s it from me too! I’m "done with" you, as you so aptly put it.

  39. Oh, and last other comment: your "praying for our country" is another dead giveaway you are in fact a mismatched Republican in the waiting.

  40. What are countries that hate us going to do?

    Does crashing airliners into skyscrapers ring any bells?

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