Planters Now Protecting County

Less than two months after they were installed, the county has decided to remove the huge boulders that were strewn about in front of the county office building in an effort to protect Albemarle from terrorists. Large planters will take place of the boulders, intended to serve the same purpose. The rocks are going to be moved to county parks, where presumably they will protect trees and streams from coming under attack. WINA has the blurb.

5 thoughts on “Planters Now Protecting County”

  1. What a boondoggle this Homeland SecurityŠ is. [see today’s article in the NYTimes, for example]

    It is just an excuse to spend money on outrageous things. S/he who authorized this spending of public money for boulder placement and removal and planter placement should be humiliated in public and then fired.

  2. Bruce Schneier, one of the world’s leading security experts, has written a lot about homeland (god, how I loathe that word) security in the past few years. The back issues of his monthly newsletter provide a sampling of his topics — in just about every month’s issue, he explains simply and clearly why our approach to security is ludicrous and useless — nearly everything that this nation has done after September 11th is almost entirely worthless in keeping anybody in any way safer.

    What it reminds me of is people who drive big SUVs because they “feel safe.” The data all make clear that you are significantly less safe driving in these things — the accident data demonstrate that deaths are for more frequent per-collision in SUVs than in smaller, more well-constructed automobiles. But people feel safer in SUVs, and so people keep buying the things.

    That’s our approach to security. People feel safer if there are a bunch of flower pots in front of the county office building. What’s keeping somebody from driving a car full of explosives up to the side of the building — you know, the part with the road a few feet from the building? Absolutely nothing. Crashing a Cessna laden with plastic explosives into the building? Not a thing. Using a rifle to snipe people from the hill between McIntire and High, across the street? There’s nothing stopping anybody from doing that. Walking right into the building Matrix-style, laden with rifles, pistols, and hand grenades and killing everybody in sight? Not a problem.

    But, hey, we’ve got planters.

  3. "humiliated in public and then fired."

    or…………… "fired in public and then humiliated"

    Belle, we send it to Congress and they divvy it up as opposed to letting us divvy it up locally.

    There was little said when the boulders went in, probably because it was Federal money and if it wasn`t then federal taxes or some other manipuluation offset the cost.

    The big question is, as you proposed, what happens to the dummy?

    I am always incensed when I hear the phrase "Federal Funds" GDI – It is our money.

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